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Christmas Lunches at Katikati

For several years, the Bay of Plenty Branch of the 22 Battalion Association has held a Christmas Dinner at the RSA in Katikati. Here is a selection of photographs of the participants. The final Dinner, in 2010 was recorded by TVNZ and featured on the TV1 Evening News on Sunday 5 December. There is a link to the newsclip below.

Katikati 2010

This dinner was attended by nearly 40 people, of which 13 were 22nd veterans. The event was recorded by a TVNZ cameraman, and the dinner featured on the evening news, for Sunday 5 December 2010.

You can download the TVNZ News item as a .FLV file here or as an MP3 file here. Or you can play the file in the browser window below:

Back Row (L-R): Des Flavall, Charles Purcell, Chuck Hausman, Malcolm Waller, Lionel Isted, Barry Bracewell
Front Row: Jim Sherratt, Ned Nolan, Haddon Donald, Stu Southall, Doug Froggatt, Stewart Nairn, Barry Dods

Katikati 2009

Back Row (L-R): Charles Purcell, Brian Smaller, Bill Lees, Malcolm Waller, Vern Pope, Des Flavall, Barry Dods, Barry Bracewell
Front Row:Stu Southall, Jim Sherratt, Haddon Donald, Ned Nolan, Doug Froggatt, Stewart Nairn

Haddon Donald addressing the lunch

Katikati 2008

Back Row (L-R): Charles Purcell, Bill Lees, Stewart Nairn, Des Flavall, Vern Pope, Malcolm Waller, Brian Smaller, Barry Dods, Doug Froggatt
Front Row: Jim Sherratt, Stu Southall, Haddon Donald, Lloyd Cross, Henry McRae, Ralph Steele, Ned Nolan

Katikati 2007

Back Row (L-R): Barry Dods, Mark Knight, Henry McRae, Des Flavall, Vern Pope, Stewart Nairn, Scotty McMillan, Doug Froggatt
Front Row: Brian Smaller, Ned Nolan, Ralph Steele, Haddon Donald, Lloyd Cross, Jim Sherratt, Stu Southall

Katikati 2006

Back Row (L-R): Gordon Hudson, Barry Dods, Des Flavall, Doug Froggatt, Charles Purcell
Middle Row: Bryan Smaller, Vern Pope, Ralph Steele, Mark Knight, Keith Martin, Stewart Nairn
Front Row: Alec Saunders, Henry McCrae, Ned Nolan, Lloyd Cross, Jim Sherratt, Stu Southall

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