22battalion crest

22nd Battalion 2NZEF

"Vrai et Fort"

Photographs of northern Italy and Trieste by Malcolm Waller

The 22 Battalion in Northern Italy

10 Platoon practicing river crossings, Lamone River
10 Platoon after a successful river crossing, Lamone River
Outside casa, Senio River, December 1944
Outside same casa after snowfall, Senio River, December 1944
Trip to Rome
Swimming baths, Foligno. Ken McBreaty on left, Malcolm Waller on right

Capt Jock Wells arranging the German surrender at Miramare Castle
The German surrender at Miramare
German officer addressing his troops
American dispatch rider and bike, with German medical officer on right
The dispatch rider
A Company, 22 Battalion HQ, Albergo Roma, Trieste
22 Battalion camp, outside Trieste
Bill Lees on the beach at Barcola
Bob Ferris on the beach at Barcola
22 Battalion rowing team, Trieste - Scotty MacMillan, Malcolm Waller, Bob Ferris, Ken McBreaty

"Swanning" Trips 1945

After the German surrender in May 1945, and then the backdown of the Jugoslav forces in Trieste, the 22 Battalion was able to relax and take some well-earned rest and relaxation. The Battalion CO organised a series of trips out of Trieste into the surrounding countryside, and also across the border into Austria. These became known as "swanning" trips. Here are some photographs taken by Malcolm Waller of his swanning around, including his trip into Austria.

Demise of the Italian Navy - La Spetzia
Destruction, typical of many towns
River crossing between Turin and Savona - the bridges had been destroyed
Swimming at Savona
The Company at Pisa
Swimming at Lake Como
On the beach at Via Reggio
Roadside halt in the mountains
Luncheon stop
On the roadside
The border into Austria

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Last updated: 8 March 2022