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22nd Battalion 2NZEF

"Vrai et Fort"

Photographs of 452208 Ronald John McIVOR - taken in Italy

Ronald John McIVOR embarked for overseas service in the latter part of 1943. From his photos it appears he joined 2nd NZEF just as the Division arrived in Italy. His initial posting may have been to the 22nd Battalion but he later was recorded with the 23rd Battalion at Cassino. Ron would have seen action at the Sangro River in the east of Italy, Cassino in the west and then in the push up through Italy during 1944. He was taken a prisoner of war on 11 December 1944. The photos do not have captions but they begin at Cassino. Most are in central Italy possibly around the hills at Camerino, east of Lake Trasimeno where the 23 Battalion spent some rest time in October 1944. The photos of swimming may have been in Lake Trasimeno.


These few photos appear to be of Cassino. Certainly, 2LT William GALE (14097) died at Cassino and was later re-interred in the Cassino Commonwealth Cemetery. Gale was a platoon commander in 23 Battalion. The Battalion history records his earlier wounds being attended to by Ron McIvor, the medic.

Battlefield grave near Cassino of 14097 2LT William Kenneth GALE, 12 Company, 23 Battalion, died 21 May 1944.

Headstone fo SGT Gale, at Cassino Commonwealth Cemetery.
Central Italy

These images are probably from central Italy

Coal wagons entering a port - probably Trieste.

large bulldozer recovering a Sherman tank.

Camped in the hills - note the "Benghazi Boiler" for making tea, front right.

Shaving in the field
Rest and Recouperation behind the lines

In October 1944 the 23 Battalion were moved out of the line to a rest area in the hills at Camerino, east of Lake Trasimeno. This is possibly where these photos were taken of swimming and interactions with the locals.

German Luftwaffe personnel - presumably prisoners in Italy.

A day at the beach - note the two glass flagons of "rooster's blood" (red wine) in their wicker baskets and the jerry can for fuelling the Benghazi boiler.
Concert Time

Ronald McIvor was obviously impressed by this concert. At the rest area in Camerino the Battalion was visited by several British, Canadian and Italian concert parties. "The Captivators" may have been one of these.

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