22battalion crest

22nd Battalion 2NZEF

"Vrai et Fort"

Photographs of North Africa from the collection of 40315 Private Edgar Collett

"Ed and wife Mavis (WAAF) on their way to sign off duty 12 Sept 1944. They married just before Ed went overseas"
"Montgomery, Churchill and Freyberg at the 'Big Parade' at Tupali"
"Wally, Peter, Ted, Aussie, Jerry"
"Rear Peter,Ted, Shorty, Ed, Blue Front Wally, Mac"
"Maadi Baths Frank, Buck, Alby, Ed"
"Heliopolis Baths Cairo"
"Ed, Ted, Frank"
"Defence Platoon on Parade-Ed second left rear"
"United Nation's Day Parade in Cairo NZ Section"
"Issuing Xmas parcels at Bardia Nov 1942"
"Don, Arthur, Ed, Earle, Snow"
"Wally, ?, Ted, Ossie, Jerry"
"Plenty of provisions"
"Bivvied at Berg El Arab"
"Royce Snell, Bob, Morry Snell"
"Two Brothers: Royce and Maurice from Arrowtown"
"Me and my Bivvy"
"Ed Collett on patrol on the Turkish border"
"Marble Arch Tripolitania" (Built by the Italians in 1937 and destroyed by Kadhafi in 1970)
"Bomb blast - pretty close eh!"
"Soft sand - Encirclement of Ahgeila, Dec 42"
"Soft sand on big encirclement around Aghelia Dec 42"
"Convoy over Suez Canal"
"Changing the engine - Sidi Barrani"
"Camping in Orchard, Tripoli Jan 23 1943"
"Platoon truck- our section AA Platoon"
"Hell Fire Pass - Sollum"
"Just another flamer"
"Anti tank gun and carrier badly knocked around"
"German Mark 4 - a nasty job and a wicked gun"
"Ju 88 bomber"
"A Jerry gun smashed - an 88mm"
"Captured Panzer Division Flag. Ed Collett third from left with hat"
"Good Huns"
"Just past Fuka early in November after the breakout at El Alamein"
"Somewhere out in the blue - Crusader tank."
"Ed and younger brother Raymond (Shorty) Tripoli Feb 26th 1942 - did not know his brother had enlisted and met by chance in desert"
"The Xmas card sent by Ed to his wife Mavis, Xmas 1941"

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