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Publications, Newsletters, Transport Ship booklets, 22 Battalion Association Newsletters
and other publications relating to the 22nd Battalion

The 22nd Battalion of New Zealand was the longest serving of the NZ Infantry battalions. There are many types of publications relating to the Battalion. Scanned copies of some of these are available here.

Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War. 22 Battalion 2NZEF.

The Official History written by Jim Henderson and published by the War History Branch in 1958. The book is available in electronic format and can be read online here.

The T.P. McLean draft of the Official History

In early 1946, “TP” or “Tired Terry” as he was affectionately known by the Battalion (due to his continual complaints about tiredness) was commissioned by the War History Branch to write the official history of the 22nd Battalion. TP was the obvious choice, he was a journalist by trade and he had been the Battalion’s Intelligence Officer since joining the Battalion in 1943. He was well-known and well-liked by the veterans. But his career as a sports journalist and his young family slowed progress. Eventually Jim Henderson (an artillery gunner or "nine-mile sniper" to the infantry) was contracted to write the history, which he did.
Parts of TP's draft are available here.

Books by 22Battalion men of their experiences during the war

Several members later wrote about their experiences. Here is a bibliography of books written by men of the 22nd Battalion.

Shipboard Publications

It is a long way from New Zealand to Great Britain and to the battle theatres of North Africa, Italy and Europe. And a long way home again. Everyone (and everything that went with them) travelled by ship, voyages lasting several weeks and taking the people (men and women) to foreign places many had never heard of. Large passenger liners were taken up into military service for this role, but were given "code" names for each voyage - His Majesty's Transport (HMT) X25 for instance. Many of these voyages resulted in a short publication or keep-sake that some of the men indeed did keep, or posted home.
A few of these shipboard booklets are available here.

22nd Battalion Association Newsletters

After the war the 22nd Battalion Association was formed, to keep men informed and to organise local and national reunions. Several branches published regular newsletters but not many survive.
Copies of a few newsletters are available here.

All the Official History books in Electronic Reader formats

I have made available all 50 of the Official History books in various e-reader formats, including for the iBook and Kindle.
Go to this page and select the format you require.

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