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22nd Battalion 2NZEF

"Vrai et Fort"

The 22nd Battalion of New Zealand was the longest serving of the NZ Infantry battalions. Several members later wrote about their experiences. Here is a bibliography of books written by men of the 22nd. There are many other books on the history of the war and New Zealand's contribution that reference the 22nd Battalion in passing. There are many books that examine particular battles that featured the 22nd, such as Crete and Cassino. I have not listed them as many of these books do not capture the reality of the battles as experienced by the men of the 22nd.

Life Without ladies.
Colin Armstrong. H.H. Tombs, 1947
Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War. 22 Battalion 2NZEF.
Jim Henderson, 1958.
Read the official history on-line here

You can also download a copy in various e-reader formats here.

elliot Cowshed to Dog Collar.
Keith Elliot VC, 1967.
scott Dark of the Moon. The unusual story of one Kiwi's war.
Arch Scott, 1985.
Mates and Mayhem. World War II: Frontline Kiwis Remember. (Chapter 9 is based on an interview with Haddon Donald)
Lawrence Watt, 1996. Harper Collins
Good Book Cover Mussolini, Bella Maria & Tojo. A Kiwi soldier's memoir.
Lindsay Good, 2003.
What Shall We Do Now Then? The life of Roger Barton.
Privately published by the Barton Family 2003.
Stand For New Zealand. Voices from the Battle of Crete.
Compiled by Jill McAra 2003. (Jill is the daughter-in-law of LT E.M. McAra, 22 Battalion, who was killed on 20 May 1941 at Maleme Aerodrome, Crete)
Fighting with the Enemy. New Zealand POW's and the Italian Resistance. (Chapter 13 features David Russell GC)
Susan Jacobs, 2003. Penguin Books
Donald's book In Peace & War: A Civilian Soldier’s Story.
Haddon Donald, 2005.
Read the book online here
Paterson's book Cassino to Trieste. A Soldier's Story.
E.B. "Scotch" Paterson, 2007.
TP. The Life and Times of Sir Terry Mclean.
Paul Lewis & Jock Mclean, HarperCollins 2010.
To the Gateways of Florence. New Zealand Forces in Tuscany, 1944.
Edited by Stefano Fusi. 2011.

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