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22nd Battalion 2NZEF

"Vrai et Fort"

Formal Photographs of the Battalion

Hundreds, if not thousands, of formal photographs of battalions, officers, companies and platoons were taken at Trentham over the course of the war, and afterwards. All were taken in the same place - in front of a line of old Macrocarpa trees near the boundary of the camp.

I have obtained copies of some of these photos, starting with the "original" officers from 1940. Many of the photos do not have names attached, but fortunately some do.

The 22 Battalion Original Commissioned Officers - 1940

The commissioned officers included the ranks of lieutenant-colonel, major, captain, lieutenant and second-lieutenant.

1940 Officers
[Back Row] 2/LT T.N.G. Carter; 2/LT L. Leeks; LT R.B. Fell; 2/LT B.V. Davison; 2/LT F.G. Oldham; LT E.J. McAra; LT L.B. Clapham; LT G.T. Beaven.
{3rd Row} LT G.D. Lawrence; LT D.F. Anderson; 2/LT C.N. Armstrong; 2/LT J.L. McDuff; 2/LT P.R. Hockley; LT S.H. Johnson; 2/LT C.I.C. Scollay; LT W.G. Lovie; LT H.R. Harris.
[2nd Row] LT W.G. Slade; 2/LT H.V. Donald; LT W.M. Manchester; CPT J.Moore; LT E.H. Simpson; LT M.G. Wadey; LT W.W. Mason; LT T. Thornton; CPT T.C. Campbell; CPT W. Bourke; CPT G.A. Hart; 2/LT T.R. Hawthorn; LT K.R.S. Crarer.
[Front Row] LT E.T. Pleasants; MAJ J.G.C Leach; MAJ J. Leggat; MAJ G.J. McNaught; LT/COL L.W. Andrew; CPT P.G. Monk; CPT E.J. Laws; CPT J.W. Bain; CAPT S. Hanton.
Absent: Rev W.E.W. Hurst; 2/LT E.E. Tyrell.

The 22 Battalion Original Non-Commissioned Officers - 1940

The non-commissioned officers included the ranks of warrant officer (including regimental sergeant-major, quartermaster-sergeant, WO-class I and WO-class II), staff sergeant, sergeant, corporal and lance corporal.

1940 NCO
"The Originals" - non-commissioned officers, 1940.
[Front Row] WO I and lieutenants.
[2nd Row] Serjeants.
[3rd Row] Corporals.
[4th Row] Lance-Corporals.

The 22 Battalion Original C Company - 1940

1940 C Coy
"The Originals" - C Company, 1940.

The 22 Battalion 2 Platoon Headquarters Company - 1940

1940 2 Pl
"The Originals" - C Company, 1940.

The 22 Battalion Original 14 Platoon C Company - 1940

1940 14 Pl
"The Originals" - 14 Platoon C Company, 1940.
The original 14 Platoon comprised 6 officers and 23 men. There are 28 in this photo so one was absent. The men of 14 Platoon were:
2/Lt H.V. Donald; Sgt J.D. Ormond; L/Sgt H.J. Butler; Cpl W.H. MacKenzie; L/Cpl G.J. Graham; L/Cpl A.G. Smith; Privates: J.T. Christion; I.C. Curley; J. Fortnam; A. Foster; W.S. Gandy; E.B. Hunt; R.N. Johsonl M.R. Lord; J.T. Lowe; K.E. McLennan; D.J. McMinn; C.R. McRae; B.S. Manson; J.R. Mothes; E.B. Nesbitt; I. Renhall; R.E. Porter; W.N. Shuker; H.L. Townsend; F.M.J. Ulyatt; E.N. Whale; A.D. Williamson; A.G. Wilson.

The 22 Battalion Officers at Maadi Camp - 1941

1941 Maadi
22 Battalion officers at Maadi Camp in 1941..

September 1942 - A Company, 3 Training Unit, Trentham.

1942 A Coy
September 1942, A Company of 3rd Training Unit, Trentham..

1946 - 22 Battalion in Japan as part of J Force.

j Forcey
J Force 1946..

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