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22nd Battalion 2NZEF

"Vrai et Fort"

Photographs of Italy and Japan from the Kinsey Collection

Wilbur Harold KINSEY 614850 joined the 22 Battalion late in the Italian Campaign, then went on with the Battalion to Japan as part of "J Force". On returning to New Zealand he joined the 22 Battalion Association and was a member of the Wellington Branch. His daughter made a large banner for the branch that was used at reunions and ANZAC day marches. It was dedicated on 21 October 1990 at St Pauls Cathedral Wellington and later laid up at the chapel in Trentham Camp where it remains today.

The Wellington Branch 22 Battalion banner being taken into St Pauls Cathedral, Wellington in 1990

The 22 Battalion banner in the chapel at Trentham Camp

The story of the banner and the 22 Battalion colours (click on image for larger version)

Kinsey's Photos

There are four pages of his photo album with images of Italy, mostly taken in Florence, and two of Japan. Some of the Florence images are easily recognisable and on a recent visit to Florence I have taken a photo to show the same view today.

Some of the photos are of what looks like the base where the Battalion was housed prior to embarkation for Japan. In November 1945 the Battalion was moved from Siena to the Scuola Tecnica Aeronautica in Florence, just vacated by the American Army (note the American-looking Nissan Huts in one photo. This is probably the location of several of the photos.

There is one photo of a ship in port, which might be the "TSS STRATHMORE" that transported the battalion to Japan, leaving Naples on 19 February 1946.

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