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Photographs from the "De Lisle" Collection in the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington

A.H. De Lisle began to write a history of the 22nd Battalion late in 1945 or 1946. He asked around for photographs relating to the Battalion throughout its history and recorded a list of 155 photgraphs and negatives, including from his own collection. This list and some of the photos ended up in the Library. Most of the photos are copies of the original prints. Reproduced here are those photos that remain in the file, referenced to de Lisle's original list numbers.

All photos are held by the National Library of New Zealand, file reference: PA Coll-4161-01-169.

First, the list.


De Lisle Photos

The photos that remain in the National Library Collection. The caption is the same as in the typed list with the name in brackets being the owner or supplier of the original photo. Two photos appear to have the wrong identifying numbers on them. from the photo and the list of captions the correct identification can be made.

de Lisle 3
Donovan, Donoghue and Ken Sadler (de Lisle).
de Lisle 11
Mortar Platoon on move to Minquar Qaim (de Lisle).
de Lisle 15
Maoris on tracked motorcycle troop carrier - desert (de Lisle).
de Lisle 54
Capt. Fred Oldham shaving Syrian desert (de Lisle).
de Lisle 24
Curious Ities - near Senegallia, Italy (de Lisle).
de Lisle 27
Group in Sidi Bishr (de Lisle).
de Lisle 28
Anti gas dummies - NZSC Maadi (de Lisle).
de Lisle 29
Four digs on bikes - England (de Lisle).
de Lisle 30
Slim, Tommy and Lou - English farm (de Lisle).
de Lisle 31
Graham Donoghue, Hipwell Connor - Sidi Bishr (de Lisle).
de Lisle 32
Nicky, Tom in Kaponga (Box) (de Lisle).
de Lisle 34
"I" Section - Kabrit (de Lisle).
de Lisle 37
Aussie Tom Airman on way home 1945 (de Lisle).
de Lisle 41
Mortars - Radjou (de Lisle).
de Lisle xx
de Lisle 46
22 Bn group with civvies - Midlands (de Lisle).
de Lisle 50
Syrian snake charmer and Capt. Hanton (de Lisle).
de Lisle 52
Bn group in Syrian desert (de Lisle).
de Lisle 56
A Coy's HQ truck on way down from Syria (de Lisle).
de Lisle xx
wrong number
de Lisle 65
Train from Syria (de Lisle).
de Lisle 66
12 platoon before move to Adriatic (de Lisle).
de Lisle 68
12 platoon at Fano - Oct 1944 (de Lisle).
de Lisle 75
3 Sec of 12 platoon after living 8 days in cellar in Cassino
de Lisle 76
Brig Inglis with 2 Coy - Salarola
de Lisle 82
Graves of Gillon and Lewis (de Lisle).
547169 GILLON died 12 Sept 1944
583980 LEWIS died 22 Sept 1944.
Both now buried at Ravenna War Cemetery, Italy.
de Lisle 83
Grave of Laurie Parnell (de Lisle).
35766 PARNELL died 17 Jan 1944.
Now buried at Sangro war Cemetery, Italy.
de Lisle 85
Group of 22 Bn swimmers Syria (de Lisle).
de Lisle 86
Scouts from Azzaz at Afrine (de Lisle).
de Lisle 90
Buses on way to Haifa (de Lisle).
de Lisle 91
Buses on way to Haifa (de Lisle).
de Lisle 106
B Coy Platoon (George Fletcher).
de Lisle 113
Col Campbell and Brig Inglis (George Fletcher).
de Lisle 114
Original members of B Coy just prior to first furlough (George Fletcher).
de Lisle 119
Bn at Maadi (J. Hayes).
de Lisle 121
Sigs truck and Sigs (J. Hayes).
de Lisle 124
Bombing Holbourne (R. Mollier).
de Lisle 127
Bombing Holbourne (R. Mollier).
de Lisle 140
Unpacking the beer - desert (J. Hayes).
de Lisle 1502
Col Russell's grave (Ted Nepia).
[Note - this is actually the grave of PTE John RUSSELL (297309) killed by Yugoslav partisans the day after the German surrender in Trieste, and now buried in Udine War Cemetery].
de Lisle 152
Free French in Palestine train (C. Cottrell).
de Lisle 154
BHQ on route march near Helwan (C. Cottrell).
de Lisle 155
BHQ in Karerine Park - Greece (A. Gotham).
de Lisle 156
Winners of the Freyberg Cup.
de Lisle 156a
Caption: A11890 Winners of the Freyberg Cup. 22nd NZ Battalion team photographed prior to the final played on the Forli Stadium.

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