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22nd Battalion 2NZEF

"Vrai et Fort"

Commanding Officers, Honours, Awards and People of the 22nd Battalion

Commanding Officers

The 22nd Battalion had 10 Commanding Officers between December 1939 and August 1947. There is information about some of them here.

Lt-Col L. W. Andrew, VC10 Jan 1940-7 Feb 1942
Lt-Col J. T. Russell7 Feb 1942-6 Sep 1942
Lt-Col T. C. Campbell6 Sep 1942-18 Apr 1944
Lt-Col D. G. Steele18 Apr 1944-11 May 1944
Lt-Col H. V. Donald11 May 1944-22 Nov 1944
Lt-Col A. W. F. O'Reilly22 Nov 1944-24 Mar 1945
Lt-Col H. V. Donald24 Mar 1945-7 Aug 1945
Maj R. H. Spicer7 Aug 1945-19 Oct 1945
Lt-Col W. B. Thomas19 Oct 1945-29 Nov 1946
Lt-Col G. M. McCaskill29 Nov 1946-7 Aug 1947

Unofficial Roll of the 22nd Battalion Men

After searching through many archives, files and other sources, I have compiled a list of all the men who served in the 22nd Battalion. It is not complete, so if you know of someone who is missing, please let me know.

The Complete Roll of the 22nd Battalion

John Bowker's Roll of the "Originals" of the 22nd Battalion

An official roll of all men who were posted to the 22nd Battalion does not exist. However, one of the "originals" - Pte John Bowker - compiled a list of the "originals" who sailed from Wellington on the Empress of Britain on 2 May 1940.

John's Roll can be viewed here.

David Russell - awarded the George Cross for Bravery

David Russell was awared the George Cross posthumously for bravery in the face of the enemy. His life and story are told here.

Pte Ian Holms - the first casualty

Ian Holms was the Battalion's first casualty caused by enemy action. He was killed by a rogue bomb dropped on the battalion's billets at Hollingbourne. Read Ian's story here.

"Borax" - the Battalion Mascot

"Borax", a small black and white terrier, was adopted by the Battalion during early 1940 in Trentham. He applied to enlist, but was declined. Nor was he provided with an official regimental number. When the Battalion sailed in May 1940, Borax was smuggled aboard but was found a few days later. However he accompanied the Battalion to England where he was provided with a regulation uniform and turned out on parades.

More information about Borax is here

Honours and Awards

Many members of the battalion were decorated, and these are listed in the Official History publication. Regretably, that list omits the George Cross awarded to Lance Corporal David Russell for his actions as a prisoner of war in Italy, presumably because he was not an active member of the Battalion at the time. The list also omits the Distinguished Conduct Medal awared to CPL Ronald Henry DIXON (633741) for "his courage, determination and leadership near the River Senio, Italy, for the assault of the Casa Alta (a well defended strong point) on the night of 14-15 December 1944".

Victoria Cross
  • Sgt K. Elliott
George Cross Distinguished Service Order Member of the Order of the British Empire
  • WO II W. G. Jude
Bar to Military Cross
  • Capt C. N. Armstrong
Military Cross
  • Maj T. C. Campbell
  • Maj J. L. MacDuff
  • Maj A. W. F. O'Reilly
  • Maj R. H. Spicer
  • Capt R. R. Knox
  • Lt H. V. Donald
  • Lt I. L. Thomas
  • 2 Lt C. N. Armstrong
  • 2 Lt G. M. Bassett
  • 2 Lt J. W. C. Craig
  • 2 Lt R. Mollier
  • 2 Lt E. B. Paterson
Greek Military Cross
  • Maj H. G. Wooller
Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • Sgt A. E. Eades
  • Sgt G. H. Palmer
  • L-Sgt L. F. Seaman
  • Cpl R. H. Dixon
  • Cpl R. F. Garmonsway
  • Cpl L. T. McClurg
  • Cpl H. J. Whelch
  • L-Cpl J. H. Garwood
Military Medal
  • WO I T. G. Fowler
  • WO II R. L. Craig
  • Sgt R. J. Bayliss
  • Sgt E. D. Bougen
  • Sgt N. F. Callesen
  • L-Sgt M. N. Reeve
  • L-Sgt S. N. Tsukigawa
  • Cpl F. J. Blackett
  • Cpl A. G. Clark
  • Cpl A. G. Gordon
  • L-Cpl B. C. D. Smaller
  • Pte R. H. Dixon
  • Pte R. J. H. Hawley
  • Pte H. McIvor

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