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22nd Battalion 2NZEF

"Vrai et Fort"

Roll of "The Originals"

Several thousand men were once part of the 22nd Battalion. The exact number is not known for sure as an accurate roll was never kept. In the early days, up to late 1941, the War Diaries include a copy of the Routine Orders and the Part II Orders that list the movements in and out of all men and officers.

In addition to the full roll of the men of the 22nd, I can also make available the list of "The Originals" that was compiled by John Bowker in 2000, himself an original. Not all of these men arrived in England, and not all of those arrived in the Middle East to fight in Greece, Crete and Africa. A few died on the way. A few more were left behind in hospitals, and a small number were left behind when the ship sailed from Australia, Cape Town, and later from England.

This copy belonged to my father who was sent it by John Bowker. A printed copy of John Bowker's Roll is available at the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington (file MS-Papers-6820).

"The Originals"

John Bowker produced two versions of the Originals Embarkation Roll. One is organised as the Battlaion was, by Company and Platoon. The other is in standard roll format, alphabetical with other information. The company and platoon version is here, or go to this page for the alphabetical list.

You can download a PDF version of the Roll here.

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